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Leadership Development Program for ServiceNow Platform Owners

The effective planning, design, and management of ServiceNow solutions to align with business strategy necessitates a deep understanding and expertise in the current technologies of the Now Platform.

By participating in this specialised program, ServiceNow Platform Owners will gain comprehensive knowledge and insights into various aspects of digital transformation, including automation, availability, performance, application development, customer experience, business processes, innovation feature velocity, value realisation, and more.

Emphasis will be made throughout the program on the AI-led automation capabilities of the Now Platform. By using these capabilities to deliver relevant information, make predictions and recommendations, and automate repetitive task, employees and customers can focus on areas where human excel - creative thinking, customer interactions, and unpredictable work.


Weekly Content Publication

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) is conducted in two formats. An LDP 101 curriculum is published online as a reference library of information for ServiceNow Platform Owners and other respective roles. A series of corresponding in-person LDP 201 sessions are held in locations where the program has been established.

To enhance the engagement experience of content delivery, the weekly narrative follows a group of "Now Platform Wayfarers" as they progress through a 25-week adventure trek.


A set of foundational answer videos to establish baseline information for all program participants.

Week 1

Longmire: Initial Orientation + Core Platform Training

Week 2

Rampart Ridge: ServiceNow Solutions & Business Outcomes

Week 3

Mirror Lakes: Data Foundations (CMDB, CSDM)

Week 4

Emerald Ridge: App & Automation Engine, Integration Hub

Week 5

Gobblers Knob: Intelligent & Programmed Automation

Week 6

Klapatche Park: In-Platform Data Analytics

Week 7

Golden Lakes: IT Service Management + DevOps

Week 8

Mowich Rivers: IT Operations Management

Week 9

Mowich Lake: Asset Management

Week 10

Tolmie Peak: Security Operations

Week 11

Carbon River: Integrated Risk Management

Week 12

Windy Gap: Strategic Portfolio Management

Week 13

Mystic Lake: HR Service Delivery

Week 14

Mount Freemont: Workplace Service Delivery

Week 15

Sunrise: Legal, Procurement, ESG

Week 16

White River: Customer Service Management + Industry Solutions

Week 17

Panhandle Gap: Field Service Management

Week 18

Indian Bar: Performance, Instance Scan, Upgrades

Week 19

Cowlitz Divide: Platform Architecture Deep Dive

Week 20

Box Canyon: Trust, Instance Security

Week 21

Stevens Canyon: Customer Success, Support, Knowledge Articles

Week 22

Pinnacle Peak: Roadmap Frameworks & Now Create

Week 23

Paradise: Business Cases & Value Realization

Week 24

Cougar Rock: Impact Squads & Extended Account Teams

Week 25

Eagle Peak: Your Roadmaps | Product Release Horizon

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